Judgment Services


Judgment Monitoring - Most judgments are never paid. Why? In part, because creditors often lack a long-term strategy and give up collection efforts way too soon. Successful collection requires patient and regular monitoring for debtor location, employment, and ability to pay. Additionally, account balance must be kept up to date (accounting for interest, court costs, attorney fees, and payments). We can monitor your accounts for you and provide regular reports - whether or not you require our service with post-judgment execution.

Judgment Transfer - Creditors often fail to collect judgments simply by not registering their judgments in the proper court. By transferring your judgment from the Justice of the Peace Court to the Superior Court, for example, you obtain a lien of judgment against any real property the debtor currently owns, or later acquires, within the county. Judgments may be transferred to other counties or to other states for the same purpose. In most cases, the judgment must be satisfied and the lien of judgment released before mortgage financing may be obtained. We can help make sure your judgment is recorded to your best advantage. 

Judgment Refreshing – Creditors who fail to take legal action to execute on their judgments within a period of time (duration depending on the Court in which the judgment is docketed), must obtain an Order from the Court if they now wish to do so. We can help make sure you don’t lose the ability to collect by making sure your judgment is current.

Judgment Satisfaction – Once a judgment is satisfied (paid), the creditor has a duty to so indicate on the Court’s records. Failure to do so is subject to statutory penalty and may give rise to a lawsuit from your former debtor.

Judgment Domestication- Creditors possessing judgments from states other than Delaware sometimes find it advantageous to docket their judgments in this jurisdiction so as to engage in post-judgment discovery and execution.


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